Yiewsley – Store 654

96 High Street, Yiewsley, Middlesex UB7 7DX

Woolworths Yiewsley was built in the 1930s, back when it was a nice, friendly village.


Yiewsley Woolworths 1962

Yiewsley Woolworths 1962

Source: www.londonbuses.co.uk

Move forward to the 80s, Yiewsley was not one of the safer stores, with robberies happening quite frequently. Still, I’d been in there quite a few times with my mum, as I used to have swimming lessons round the corner, seemed alright to me. Ex-Wooworths employee Ganesh Jillah did his cash office training there. He says ‘Nice’.

Yiewsley Woolworths 2006

Yiewsley Woolworths 2006

Source: www.groomsville.co.uk

Woolworths in Yiewsley was demolished along with it’s neighbouring shops Lily’s Florists, D J Jewellers and Gordon’s, to create new ‘luxury’ apartments. The 1868 historic building, including Clare Villas above the shops, was wiped off the map in 2010 when Taylor Wimpey created this new-build called “Essence’. It wasn’t wanted on the High Street by locals, I remember this, I was there! In fact there was a petition called “Don’t Destroy our High Street” with locals saying we’d have a 5-storey monstrosity. Well here is it…


92 - 104 High Street, Yiewsley 2014

92 – 104 High Street, Yiewsley 2014

Source: Google Street View

What is was supposed to look like:

What is was supposed to look like...

Artists impression

Source: http://www.easier.com/93410-well-connected-new-homes-yiewsley.html


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