Holloway – Store 240

442/446 Holloway Road, London N7 6QE

I had many fond memories of Holloway Road from the 1990s when I started my student life, but I did not recall a Woolworths. So when I saw it listed on the 1970s store list, the idea for this whole blog began…

Woolworths opened on the bustling Holloway Road in the 1920s, opposite the Nags Head public house of which the area is now named after. Here is a photo from the 1950s, when trolleybuses were in use – there was a bus stop directly outside the store. There were upper floors, so I would say this was quite a large Woolworths.

Holloway Woolworths 1950s

Holloway Woolworths 1950s

Source: Carter, C

Below are two photos from the 1960s, where we can see the neighbouring buildings were J Lyons tea shop and H Samuel jewellers. It appears the road has also been enlarged since the 1950s.

Holloway Woolworths 1960

Holloway Woolworths 1960

Source: Pask, Brian

Holloway Woolworths 1961

Holloway Woolworths 1961

Source: Bannister, Geoff

Somewhere along the line, there was a makeover, I am guessing in the mid-1960s from the look of the building today. Then the store closed, possibly in the 1980s when Kingfisher took over, I can only speculate. What I do know is that it was definitely an Iceland in 1997.

Here is a more recent image of this parade of shops from 2010, where we can clearly see Iceland is where Woolworths was. The J Lyon tea shop is now Mothercare, H Samuel is T-Mobile (although probably an EE store now), and Marks & Spencer is still there looking remarkably unchanged. How was that for a lovely trip back in time šŸ™‚

Holloway Road 2010

Holloway Road 2010

Source: diamond geezer


3 responses

  1. Holloway Road was the lead store of the Holloway District way back in the 60’s and 70’s. My brother was a Trainee Manager in that store. I was the Office Manager in 516 Lower Edmonton.


  2. Lovely hot chocolate in Woolworths cafe’s with mum after seeing Doctor into early 1950’s.


  3. Seeing doctor in 1950’S


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