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Manor Park – Store 315

809/813 Romford Road, London E12 6EA

Woolworths opened on Romford Road, Manor Park, in 1928. It was on the junction of Carlyle Road opposite Second Avenue. The store took over the premises of W.Laver, Weaver & Draper – here is a photo from 1915 before it became a Woolworths.

Romford Road Manor Park c1915

Romford Road Manor Park c1915

Thanks to former Manor Park resident Tony Quinlan, we have a beautiful 1962 photo of the building as a Woolworths. He reminisces, “I remember standing by my mum on the wooden floors that they had then, and not being tall enough to see what sweets she was buying me from the sweet counter! The girls behind each counter wore lovely uniforms.”

Manor Park Woolworths 1960s

Manor Park Woolworths 1962

According to the Newham Story Forum, this building was occupied by House of Holland in the late 1960s, a shop that sold sun loungers and camping equipment. This means Woolworths left Romford Road quite soon after the above photo was taken. The 60s was when returns-per-store started falling. As there were 100 London Woolworth stores, I can guess this was one that they closed to consolidate – especially with the East Ham and Upton Park branches so close by.

Manor Park, Romford Road 2014

Manor Park, Romford Road 2014

Today the building is split into three, occupied by  UAE Xchange, Top Hat Pizza and Ch Domestic Appliances – I took this photo from my car when I was stuck in traffic on the way to my good friend’s wedding 😛  I would never have guessed this was a Woolworths once upon a time. The trees have long gone, but if you compare it with the 1915 and 1960s photos, it is quite remarkable how the upper half of the building is unchanged, even the chimneys are still there.

Top 2 photos: Quinlan, Tony
Newham Story Forum