Truro – Store 836

13-15 Princes Street, Truro, Cornwall TR1 2RF

One of the later stores, Woolworths opened during the 1950s in the only city of Cornwall (and place of my birth) – Truro. It was located in quite a prominent area, next to the City Hall, and opposite the Trustee Savings Bank (ie TSB) and a rather important looking statue.

Truro Woolworths 1960

Truro Woolworths 1960

Source: Francis Frith

I couldn’t find much information about the store, apart from the fact it was massive! With its front entrance on Prince’s Street, it stretched the length of a road leading to a back entrance on Back Quay, off Lemon Quay. I would guess from these photos that the Prince’s Street building is something original from before Woolies’ time, and the back entrance on Lemon Quay was built by Woolworths as you can recognise the building style. Here is the front entrance shortly before it closed down.

Truro Woolworths 2008

Truro Woolworths 2008


The store closed down on 5th January 2009. Here’s a pic of me at the back entrance from when I visited a few months later.

Truro Woolworths 2009

On 25th June 2009 it reopened as a Poundland. They temporarily took the whole site, but then found it was too large for their needs, so split it into 2 units – Poundland taking the front and Cotswold Outdoors taking the back. You can also see the TSB bank is now Pizza Express.

Truro Poundland 2009

Truro Poundland 2009

Source: Ballysundriven, Flickr

Truro Cotswold 2011

Truro Cotswold 2011

Source: Soult’s Retail View

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