Wolverhampton Victoria Street – Store 13

58/59 Victoria Street, Wolverhamptons, Staffordshire WV1 3PE

The thirteenth UK store, Woolworths first opened in Wolverhampton on Victoria Street in June 1912, taking over an ornate tudor-style building that used to be occupied by John Cavitt & Sons. Proud of their prices, they had an eye-catching ‘Nothing in the store over 6d’ sign along the top of the windows. By this time huge Venetian-style glazing had become a company favourite, flooding the upper floor with light, offering shoppers commanding views of the displays from out in the street.

Wolverhampton Victoria Street Woolworths 1928

Wolverhampton Victoria Street Woolworths 1928

Source: Howe B, Flickr

The store became known affectionately by locals as ‘Little Woolies’ from the late 1920s onwards, as a second larger store had opened in Dudley Street (Store 186).

An extract from George and Kath Peck’s Memories of Wolverhampton“In the 1920s, Woolworths in Victoria Street was one of the most popular shops in the town. It was outstanding, everything was good quality and cost just 6 pence or under. They were the cheapest, nothing was over 6 pence. People bought knives, forks, spoons and things like that to build the household utensils up. There was an upstairs and downstairs and at the time there was just one Woolworths in the town, the other one came later.” 

In the 1930s, Woolworths had got rid of the tudor-style facade (a shame I think!) and built the below building (on the left).

Wolverhampton Woolworths Victoria Street 1930s

Wolverhampton Woolworths Victoria Street mid-late 1930s

Source: Claire, Flickr 

They traded here as ‘Little Woolies’ until the 1960s. With the new superstore Woolworths in the Mander Centre, they was no need for a second store in Wolverhampton.

From the 1970s, Barretts of Feckenham traded from here, they were a store selling outdoor and camping goods.

Today the British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical shop is at 58-60 Victoria Street.

Wolverhampton British Heart Foundation

Wolverhampton British Heart Foundation Shop

Source: 192.com



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