Bexleyheath – Store 390 / 1226

93/105 Broadway, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7JN

Woolworths originally opened in Bexleyheath at 93 The Broadway in 1930. This is a photo of the Broadway in 1935, the Woolworth store is possibly one of these buildings.

Bexleyheath Broadway 1935

Bexleyheath Broadway 1935


In 1984 the Broadway Shopping Centre was built. The whole parade of shops on the Broadway was demolished and Woolworths moved into the centre, with a very large store with an entrance facing the Broadway at no. 77 (which is Argos today) and an entrance facing the inside of the shopping centre.

Argos Bexleyheath 2014

Argos Bexleyheath 2014 (was Woolworths)

Source: Local Data Company

1n 1990 the store was cut in half.  The half they gave up was split into 3 units – one became Miss Selfridge, then HMV and then Select, the second unit became Superdrug, and the third became Argos. Woolworths traded as a smaller store from the other half.

In 2000 Woolworths relocated across the shopping centre into the old Safeway unit, which was funnily enough back at 93 The Broadway. It had a new store number – 1226.

Woolworths Bexleyheath 2008

Woolworths Bexleyheath 2008

Source: Chase, J., Museum of London

The store traded from here until it closed for good in 2008.

Bexleyheath Woolworths 2009

Bexleyheath Woolworths 2009

Source: Flickr

Now the building is occupied by New Look inside the shopping centre and H&M from the Broadway side.

H&M Bexleyheath 2014

H&M Bexleyheath 2014

Source: Flickr



2 responses

  1. Hi, for your information Woolworths opened their store in Bexleyheath at number 115 Broadway, not number 93. 93 was a department store called A Hides. The 1930s photo of the Broadway is showing much further down the Broadway covering numbers 159 to 171. The taller of the buildings on the right is the original Royal Arsenal Cooperative Society store. It is opposite what was Graham road, now Arnsberg way.
    Unfortunately pictures of the original Woolies are like the holy grail and I don’t have one but if I ever come across one you can have a copy. If you would like more information on Bexleyheath and the area visit my group.


  2. Here is a photo that shows the Bexleyheath store in 1938 at 115 Broadway. If you look at the photo you will see Lilley and Skinner, Woolworth is three shops to the left.


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