Whitby – Store 384

51-52 Flowergate, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 3AT

Woolworths opened in the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby in 1930. It was in a interesting location, on a bend on a street called Flowergate. It backed on to St. Ann’s Straith which faced the harbour, and the land was on a hill going down on to the harbour. The architects designed the store in a way so that you couldn’t see the building’s steep incline from street level. The result was a recognisable Woolies frontage that looked a bit stretched.

This is the earliest photo I could find, from the 1980s. This is the Flowergate entrance, looking down the hill.

Whitby Woolworths 1980s

Whitby Woolworths 1980s

Source: Newble A.

And this is the other side of the building, facing the harbour, where you can see the frontage is taller than usual.

Whitby Woolworths 2008

Whitby Woolworths 2008

Source: McCulloch, S.

Here is the harbourside entrance from another angle.

Woolworths Whitby 2008

Woolworths Whitby 2008

Source: Godley, S.

After it closed down in December 2008, it became a Pine Valley store.

Whitby Pine Valley 2009

Whitby Pine Valley 2010

Source: Soult, G.

With the other side on Flowergate becoming The Wilderness Factory Outlet Store.

Whitby The Wilderness 2010

Whitby The Wilderness 2010

Source: Soult, G.

But today the whole building is occupied by Mountain Warehouse, which opened in 2013.

Whitby Mountain Warehouse 2013

Whitby Mountain Warehouse 2013

Source: Le Monde1


3 responses

  1. The story goes about the Whitby Manager in the late 60’s being a keen sailor with his own boat moored just over the road in the harbour. He often slipped out to do a sail around the harbour when everything was up and running in store. If there was an urgent HO phone call or an unannounced visitor in the store, the staff would run a flag up the flag pole on the roof to tell him to return immediately.


    1. Wow, what a cool story, I hope it’s true! Love the idea of a sailor managing a Woolworths store!


      1. It was second hand to me when the Manager was still the Manager at that store. Maybe theres still an ex employee from those days still around to confirm it.

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