Taunton – Store 110 / 1189

18a/19 East Street, Taunton, Somerset /
40-42 Fore Street, Taunton. Somerset TA1 1NE

The store address of the Taunton store is a bit of a mystery. From the store number 110, I can gather it opened in the spring of 1922. The 1970s store list says it was at 18a/19 East Street, of which the Woolworths Museum has the below photo.

Taunton Woolworths 1950s

Taunton Woolworths 1950s

Source: Woolworths Museum

This is a side angle from 1985.

Taunton Woolworths 1985

Taunton Woolworths 1985

Source: Hayman T.

These are more recent photos, where you can see the building is the same one as from the 1950s photo, but the address of the photos say it is Fore Street. Also the new store number 1189 would have been allocated in the 1990s, similar to the Reading store.

Taunton Woolworths 2003

Taunton Woolworths 2003

Source: cic

Taunton Woolworths closed on 5th January 2009. This photo from my Facebook group shows it before it closed:

Taunton Woolworths 2008

Taunton Woolworths 2008

TK Maxx opened in the building in 2009, with the address listed as 40 – 42 Fore Street.

Taunton TK Maxx 2013

Taunton TK Maxx 2013

Source: Ballysundriven

The building does not look like a 1950s building, it is certainly older, so perhaps the street numbering was changed sometime between the 1950s and today – I don’t know. 19 East Street today houses Sports Direct which looks like a new building. What I can say that the Woolworths building still looks grand, and it is easy to see why it was called the grandest Woolworths store in Somerset.


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