Chatham – Store 17

184/190 High Street, Chatham, Kent ME4 4AX

One of the very early stores, Woolworths opened on Chatham High Street in 1913. There aren’t any photos of the original store, and sadly it was one of 26 Woolworths stores that got completely destroyed in World War II.

1n 1948 rebuilding work began, and Chatham got the iconic cinema-style look for their store, as seen below:

Chatham Woolworths 1948

Chatham Woolworths 1948

Source: Medway Archives and Local Studies Centre

Move forward to 2008, and you can see the building itself had not changed at all. (Photo from my facebook group)

Chatham Woolworths 2008

Chatham Woolworths 2008

The store closed down in December 2008. Today the building houses one half of the mega-Primark in Chatham (the other half is in the old BHS building. A cafe splits the two, but they are linked at the rear.) If you’re ever shopping in Chatham, look up and you’ll see a bit of Woolies history there.

Chatham Primark 2015

Chatham Primark 2015



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