Lewisham – Store 20

142/148 High Street, Lewisham, London SE13 6JJ

Woolworths opened its twentieth store in Lewisham, South East London in 1913. I am guessing this is because of its location near a railway station. Below you can see how it first looked before it had a rebuild.


Lewisham Woolworths 1937 (before rebuild)

Source: Woolworth’s 100 years on the high street, Morrison K.

In 1937 the store was upgraded with a cinema front. The company was particularly proud of its galleried frontage. The neon lettering at the top of the building cost £50,000!


Lewisham High Road Woolworths 1937

Source: woolworthsmuseum.co.uk

When Lewisham Shopping Centre opened behind the Woolworths store in 1975, Woolworths made another entrance at the back to the shopping centre. In the 80s, the store was halved in size and that is when Superdrug moved in. Then in the 90s, the store was split again and they kept the shopping centre side, which had a new store number, until closure in 2008.

Today the building is shared by Superdrug and Currys, and somehow just does not look so grand anymore. Doesn’t it look huge in the old photos?? Maybe it’s the angle of the 1930s photo that makes it look bigger than it actually is. Still, it is great that the Art Deco front is still here – if you ever are on Lewisham High Street, do have a look out for it.

Lewisham Former Woolworths | Superdrug Currys 2012

Lewisham Former Woolworths | Superdrug Currys 2012

Source: The Lost Byway



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