Cheltenham – Store 60

206/207 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

The 60th Woolworths store opened in Cheltenham in 1915, taking over the Cheltenham Munical Office. The clock and first floor architecture were kept from the original occupiers. (Thank you to reader Pete Dickinson for this information)

Cheltenham Woolworths 1920s-30s

Cheltenham Woolworths 1920s-30s

Source: Historic England

In 1957 Woolworths moved from this location and it became a Tesco. The beautiful building and clock were demolished. Today you will find Specsavers, Bright House and Pandora in its place. Thank you to reader Derek Bond for this information. He remembers the Woolworths being full of dark wood counters. He says the building to the right of Woolworths in the above photo was ‘The Famous’ – a gentlemen’s outfitters. This became Patisserie Valerie, and indeed you can see it is the same building if you compare it to this building.

Cheltenham Former Woolworths - Specsavers, Bright House, Pandora

Cheltenham Former Woolworths – Specsavers, Bright House, Pandora

123-125 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 1DN

When Woolworths moved, they bought the site of the Royal Hotel at  numbers 123-125 so they could have a bigger store. This is the building you can see in the below photo.

Cheltenham Woolworths 1980s

Cheltenham Woolworths 1980s

Source: Gloucestershire Live

The store must have been huge inside as the site became a shopping centre. on 28th June 1986 this Woolworths store closed and was sold to the Arrowcroft Group, who demolished it to make the Beechwood Shopping Centre which opened in 1991 (Source: Cheltenham – Another Shopping Centre Demise)

Today that shopping centre is being demolished to build a John Lewis store. I won’t post a ‘now’ picture as it’s currently a building site.

Woolworths returned to Cheltenham in later years at numbers 105-107 High Store (Store number 1187).


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  1. Richard Northover | Reply

    I was a trainee manager here in 1979 according to Woolworth legend it was the biggest single floor store in the store estate as big if not bigger than a football field there were two side entrances that opened on to a side lane with a rough surface car park .These together with our store formed the template of Beechwood Court.There was also a Shoppers World Unit introduced at the rear of the store that opened in 1979.

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    1. So it was huge then! Thank you for that information, I will add that into the blog post 🙂


  2. The original store shown in the picture with the clock was next to “The Famous”, which was a gentleman’s outfitters further down the High St. It appears on the right hand side of the photo. The Famous became Patisserie Valerie and is situated at 208 High Street. The Woolworth building became Tesco and then other smaller shops. The address is around 206 – 207 High Street, although I think the numbers have changed since it was Woolworth’s. I remember it was full of dark wood counters

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    1. Thank you so much for that information, that is brilliant! I’ll be able to find a ‘now’ photo and add it to the post.


  3. The original Woolworths took over Cheltenham Municipal Offices in 1915 when they moved to their present location in the Promenade. The Clock and first floor architecture were kept from the original occupiers.


    1. Aha, that explains the grand architecture. Thank you! I’ll add that to the post.


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