Gravesend – Store 67

1-2 King Street, Gravesend, Kent DA12 2ED

Woolworths opened in Gravesend in 1916, though the address is not confirmed anywhere.

In 1957 Woolworths moved to numbers 1 – 2 King Street, replacing Bryant and Rackstraw, the haberdashers who are said to have been there for 100 years. Previous to that, this was a pub called the Prince of Orange.

There was a fire in August 1966, which is photographed below.

Gravesend Woolworths 1966

Gravesend Woolworths 1966

Source: Flickr

The store closed on 19th December 2008.

Gravesend Woolworths 2008

Gravesend Woolworths 2008

Source: Goodrum R.

The building remained empty for a year, and then a store called Life & Style moved in. They closed down a year later. Then it became a Poundworld Plus. Then DiscountUK. And finally a Bargain Buys which it still is today.

Gravesend Former Woolworths - Bargain Buys

Gravesend Former Woolworths – Bargain Buys



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  1. […] Smith was the assistant manager at Woolworths in nearby Gravesend. HeĀ helped out at the Strood refurb in 1987/8 whilst John King was the manager. He remembers […]


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