Devonport – Store 69

9-11 Marlborough Street, Devonport, Plymouth, Devon PL1 4AG

*All this information has been researched by Liz Cook who writes Devonport Online.

F.W. Woolworths, Store 69, was established in Fore Street Devonport in June 1916. It was destroyed in the blitz of WWII, on the night of 22nd/23rd April, 1941.

The company continued trading into the late 1950s in temporary premises a few yards away, on the corner of Fore Street and Morice Street. [1]

Devonport Woolworths 1954

Devonport Woolworths 1954

Source: BBC

Above is an exterior view of the temporary Woolworths and below shows the inside. It was stepped all the way through. The top image is looking down the store, with the exit to Fore Street at the bottom. The lower image is looking up through the store. Look at the number of staff! There was one to each counter in those days.

Woolworth DevonportWoolworth Devonport

Source: Steve Johnson’s CyberHeritage

In March 1946 F.W. Woolworth’s applied to redevelop the bombed site of the Royal Hotel in Fore Street, but their application was turned down as the Admiralty required the land.

Woolworths opened their new shop at number 9 -11 Marlborough Street in September, 1960. Mr D.C. Davies was appointed as manager to the Marlborough Street store in October, 1969. [1]

Devonport Woolworths 1960s

Devonport Woolworths 1960s

Source: Plymouth Facebook Group

The store closed on 7th January 1995. Today the building is occupied by Iceland.

Devonport Former Woolworths - Iceland

Devonport Former Woolworths – Iceland

Source: Devonport Online

[1] The New Bond. House journal of of F.W. Woolworth’s and Co, Ltd. June/July 1970. Volume 29 number 3


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