Poole – Store 84

123 – 125 High Street, Poole, Dorset BH15 1AR

In 1920 Woolworths opened in Poole at 78 High Street – you can read a fascinating history of the building at the Poole High Street Project.

Poole Woolworths 1920

Poole Woolworths 1920

They traded at this building for 39 years, until 1959 when they moved to bigger premises. Number 78 became many things – Pearks, a grocers, a Chinese restaurant, a pizza restaurant, a pet shop, a pop-up reconstructed 1930s grocers and today it is a Salvation Army charity shop.

Poole Former Woolworths - Salvation Army Shop

Poole Former Woolworths – Salvation Army Shop

The new Woolworths store of 1959 was at 123 – 125 High Street. They traded here for nearly 50 years.

Poole Woolworths 2004

Poole Woolworths 2004

Source: JJ Justin

In December 2008 the store closed for good.

Poole Woolworths 2008

Poole Woolworths 2008

Source: JJ Justin

And today the building is occupied by This Is It.

Poole Former Woolworths - This is It


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