Stratford – Store 86

352 – 356 High Street, Stratford, London E15 4OW

The 86th Woolworths store opened in Stratford in East London in 1920. You can see it below on the far right.

Stratford London Woolworths 1920s

Stratford London Woolworths 1920s

Source: The Newham Story

The store is on the 1972 list with it’s High Street address. In 1974 the Stratford Shopping Centre was built, and Woolworths moved into there at some point.

Today the High Street building does not exist, as most of the High Street has been demolished for regeneration over the years. I think they are building flats there now . The nearest surviving building is The Builders Arm pub at number 302.

43-44 The Mall, Stratford Centre E15

Woolworths traded at its new location in the Stratford Centre, and unusually the store kept it’s store number 86.  It traded until the chain’s closure in 2008. Who knows if it would have survived anyway with neighbouring Westfield Stratford opening.

Stratford Woolworths 2008

Stratford Woolworths 2008

Source: Diamond Geezer

Today the unit is occupied by Poundland.

Stratford Former Woolworths - Poundland



3 responses

  1. Tim Roll-Pickering | Reply

    Poundland have two branches in the Stratford Centre and the photo is of the other one (the older and smaller of the two). The Woolworths site was taken over by 99p Stores who were subsequently brought out by Poundland and they’ve yet to consolidate on a single site.

    I’ll see if I can get a photo the next time I’m in the centre but it’s tricky because of the indoor market in that wing.


    1. Ahh now I look at the photo again, yes the building does look different. That would be great if you could get a photo, thanks so much 🙂


      1. Tim Roll-Pickering

        I’ve tweeted one at you.


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