Jersey, St Helier – Store 95

6 King Street, Jersey (St Helier), Channel Islands

Woolworths opened their 95th store in the Channel Islands, in Jersey, in 1921. The building was a former drapers shop, in fact there is a whole history of number 6 King Street written here.

This is a photo of the store, next to Burtons, in happier times before the war.

Jersey Woolworths 1930s

Jersey Woolworths 1930s

Source: IslandWiki

In 1940 the Channel Islands were under German control. There was no contact allowed with the mainland, stocks ran low. The manager initially had the Jersey close on Thursdays, before closing down totally until the end of the war. You can read more about what happened here.

In 1945, the Channel Islands were liberated and Woolworths set to reopen and modernise the Jersey store in time for Christmas. The store became one of the most profitable ones in the chain.

This photo shows people queueing for Battle of Flower tickets in 1957, they just happen to be outside Woolworths.

Jersey Woolworths 1957

Jersey Woolworths 1957

Source: IslandWiki

In 1966 the Jersey store had a ‘Diamond Bar’ installed, and it remained a talking point in the 1980s.

Jersey Woolworths 1970s

Jersey Woolworths 1976

Source: IslandWiki

And below is the store in more recent times, before it closed for good in December 2008.

Jersey Woolworths 2008

Jersey Woolworths 2008


Today the building is occupied by New Look.

Jersey Former Woolworths - New Look

Jersey Former Woolworths – New Look

Source: Jersey Evening Post


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