Pontypridd Store 98

Park Buildings, Taff Street, Pontypridd, Glam

Woolworths opened in Pontypridd, Wales, in 1921. The site was called ‘Park Buildings’ on Taff Street, and they traded here all the way to the end in December 2008. Here are some photos over the years.

Pontypridd Woolworths 1960s

Pontypridd Woolworths 1960s

Source: WalesOnline

Pontypridd Woolworths 1970s

Pontypridd Woolworths 1970s

Source: Beilby D

Pontypridd Woolworths 2007

Pontypridd Woolworths 2007

Source: Cornfoot R

Today B&M Bargains traded from this site, the building looking the same. You can still see the Woolworths tiles.

Pontypridd Former Woolworths - B&M

Pontypridd Former Woolworths – B&M

Source: Ballysundriven


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