Bishop Auckland – Store 116

84 Newgate Street, Bishop Auckland, County Durham

Woolworths opened Store 116 in Bishop Auckland in 1922. The architecture was of a standard Woolies style. You can see it has been kept the same through the years, with the fascia being updated.

Bishop Auckland Woolworths 1956

Bishop Auckland Woolworths 1956

Source: Northern Echo

In this photo you can see the canopy from the 1950s has gone, and the lettering is more chunky and all in caps.

Bishop Auckland Woolworths 1960

Bishop Auckland Woolworths 1960

Source: Northern Echo

In more recent years, tiling was put around the round pillars at the entrance, and the fascia was red and white. The store closed in December 2008.

Bishop Auckland Woolworths 2008

Bishop Auckland Woolworths 2008

Today it is Boyes, and if you are ever in Bishop Auckland, you will see the instantly recognisable Woolworths architecture above.

tle Bishop Auckland Former Woolworths - Boyes

Bishop Auckland Former Woolworths – Boyes

Source: Ballysundriven



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