Rugby – Store 117

30 High Street, Rugby, Warwickshire

Woolworths opened in Rugby in 1922. I can’t find much information about the store from the early years, but from this photo we can see they had a large store upgrade in 1962.

Rugby Woolworths 1962

Rugby Woolworths 1962

Source: Historic England

I’m wondering if the below photo is of a back entrance, as the buildings to the right are different.

Rugby Woolworths 1960s

Source: Petcher A

The store was one that spent the longest time without a refurb, as after 1962 there wasn’t another refurb until 2006!!

The store closed in December 2008.

Rugby Woolworths 2008

Rugby Woolworths 2008

Source: Petcher A

Today it is Poundland (previously 99p store), and you can still see the Woolies architecture above.

Rugby Former Woolworths - now Poundland

Rugby Former Woolworths – now Poundland

Source: Ballysundriven



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  1. hazelnicholson | Reply

    I remember it as Woolworths and it had entrances on Sheep Street and High Street. Poundland have closed off the entrance on Sheep Street as much as they can.


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