Rugby – Store 117

30 High Street, Rugby, Warwickshire

Woolworths opened in Rugby in 1922. I can’t find much information about the store from the early years, but from this photo we can see they had a large store upgrade in 1962.

Rugby Woolworths 1962

Rugby Woolworths 1962

Source: Historic England

I’m wondering if the below photo is of a back entrance, as the buildings to the right are different.

Rugby Woolworths 1960s

Source: Petcher A

The store was one that spent the longest time without a refurb, as after 1962 there wasn’t another refurb until 2006!!

The store closed in December 2008.

Rugby Woolworths 2008

Rugby Woolworths 2008

Source: Petcher A

Today it is Poundland (previously 99p store), and you can still see the Woolies architecture above.

Rugby Former Woolworths - now Poundland

Rugby Former Woolworths – now Poundland

Source: Ballysundriven



2 responses

  1. hazelnicholson | Reply

    I remember it as Woolworths and it had entrances on Sheep Street and High Street. Poundland have closed off the entrance on Sheep Street as much as they can.


  2. Yes, there were two entrances. Difficult to say whether one was back and one was front. They were pretty much of equal status.


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