King’s Lynn – Store 119

73/75 High Street, King’s Lynn, Norfolk

Woolworths opened on the High Street in King’s Lynn in 1922. It was a small store next to a shop called Joys.  In the 1950s, they took over the Joys unit and created a larger store, pictured below.

King's Lynn Woolworths 1950s

King’s Lynn Woolworths 1950s

Source: King’s Lynn Forum

King's Lynn Woolworths 1970s

King’s Lynn Woolworths 1970s

Source: King’s Lynn Forum

There is no confirmed closing date but I am guessing it closed in the 1980s. I read on a forum that there was a Superdrug here. Knowing that a lot of Woolworths stores became Superdrug in the 1980s as they were both part of Kingfisher, this may have happened in King’s Lynn – if I am incorrect, do let me know.

A new Woolworths store opened in Broad Street which I think became part of the Vancouver shopping centre (Store 1262).

The building on the High Street still exists today and it is occupied by Bon Marche and Monsoon/Accessorize.

King's Lynn Former Woolworths - Bon Marche and Monsoon/Accessorize

King’s Lynn Former Woolworths – Bon Marche and Monsoon/Accessorize

Source: Ballysundriven


2 responses

  1. Richard Northover | Reply

    hi Sabrina

    The closure list at the back of the 1995 store list does not include the tranch of around 40
    stores sold by Paternoster after the takeover in 1982 which were sold to i believe to the Ronson corporation for cash.They got to pick the stores.These included if memory serves correct
    stores like Kings Lynn , Banbury , Newton Abbot all good profit producers but sold they closed
    over the course of 1984.In most cases these stores were subdivided which increased rent yield
    as by that stage all woolworth stores paid a rent to woolworths properties which became Chartwell Land. In the case of Banbury the late 70’s store extension was demolished before
    being divided.


    1. Ahh thank you for that info. It really is like being a Woolworths detective!


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