Palmer’s Green – Store 126 / 2000

240 – 244 Green Lanes, Palmer’s Green, London N13 5TU

Woolworths opened in Green Lanes in Palmer’s Green, North London, in 1922. Green Lanes is an ancient route running from Stoke Newington to Enfield, running through quite a few North London neighbourhoods, each with their own shopping area. It was a good choice to put a Woolworths store here.

In the February 2000, Palmer’s Green became a pilot ‘General Store’ and was renumbered ‘2000’.

Palmers Green Woolworths 2001

Palmers Green Woolworths 2001

Source: Woolworths Museum

Palmers Green Woolworths 2008

Palmers Green Woolworths 2008

Source: Flickr

The ‘General Stores’ concept had actually been developed 15 years earlier, in 1985. It came alive in the year 2000, with the conversion of a few Woolworths stores to become convenience stores, selling food, health and beauty, having a pharmacy as well as photo processing, faxing and photocopying services.

I actually visited this store – I was at university and living in a student house in the area, and I remember walking into the store and feeling very disappointed. This was not a Woolworths!! Gone were the departments you would expect in a Woolworths, and instead were these tiny offerings. A bit of food, a bit of makeup. It looked very sparse.

The trial was called off in July 2002, as ‘at the end of the day, customers do not want to buy food from Woolworths’. All 22 general stores went back to being traditional Woolworths, but they did not bother to change the fascias back.

This Woolworths closed down for good in December 2008, and today it is an Iceland.

Palmers Green Former Woolworths - Iceland

Palmers Green Former Woolworths – Iceland




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