Gateshead – Store 154

232 – 242 High Street, Gateshead, Co Durham NE8 1DL

In 1923 Woolworths opened on Gateshead High Street, on the site of the Queen’s Theatre that was fire damaged the previous year in 1922.

Sadly there are no photos of this Woolworths store when it was open, but from this photo it seems there was a 1950s makeover. And the facade to the right looks like it would have been a Burtons in the early days.

Former store manager Lee Pearson has fond memories of the store and the team, and took it through a 5/5 refit in the 2000s. He also remembers there being an Index catalogue shop next door.

The store closed when the chain went bust in December 2008.

Gateshead Woolworths 2009

Gateshead Woolworths 2009

Source: Ballysundriven

After 2 years of the store laying empty, Poundland opened there in September 2010. But this branch only stayed there until 2014, when they moved to Trinity Square.

Gateshead Former Woolworths - Poundland

Gateshead Former Woolworths – Poundland

Source: Soult G

Today the Newbridge Studios have taken over the building, so it is a gallery and an artist’s studio – quite different from what usually happens to former Woolworths building. And if you look up, you can seen the Woolies architecture is still in place.

Gateshead Former Woolworths - Newbridge Studios

Gateshead Former Woolworths – Newbridge Studios


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