Widnes – Store 208

2 – 4 Albert Road, Widnes, Cheshire WA8 6JF

Widnes was the first Woolworths store to open in the year of 1926. The store was on the corner of Albert Road and Winfield Way. It was not a purpose-built store as the building was part of a parade of shops. But the actual shopfront was Woolworths style with the store wrapping around the corner (see on the left of this photo).

Widnes Woolworths 1955

Widnes Woolworths 1955

The store was a long, narrow store that went quite far back, and quite a unique store as it had it’s original fascia well into the 1990s!

Carl Meredith worked at the store in the 90s and he has some interesting facts:

“The store sign was never updated from the original “F W Woolworths & Co Ltd” until the store had its convenience refurb in the summer of 1994, when it got its more modern “WOOLWORTHS” sign. It never had the any other version of the sign through the 70s and 80s – so no curly “W” or the big capitals letters version of the sign.

Notice as well, no shutters on the store at this time in history – unfortunately, with the rise in the popularity of video games in the mid-90s, the store had multiple break-ins through the store front window. After this, shutters were installed.”

Widnes Woolworths 1990s

Widnes Woolworths 1990s

Source: Flickr

The store lasted until the end, when Woolworths went bust in 2008. This picture was taken by Carl a couple of days before closing in December 2008. He says, “The 3D letters of the sign which the store had in the 90s were replaced in the early 00s with this flat, plain (dare I say cheaper?) version of the store sign.”

Widnes Woolworths 2008

Widnes Woolworths 2008

Source: Meredith C.

Two months later, the store became a B&M.

Widnes Former Woolworths - B&M

Widnes Former Woolworths – B&M

More recently, B&M closed their store down (as there is also a huge Home Store in the town). In October 2018, Heron Foods opened in the building. If you are ever in town, take a closer look and you’ll recognise the Woolworths doors and windows.

Widnes Former Woolworths - Heron Foods

Widnes Former Woolworths – Heron Foods

Source: Meredith C.


4 responses

  1. B&M owns Heron, so that was a fascia change, not a closure.


    1. They may own them, but they are different stores. Woolworths and Superdrug were both owned by Kingsfisher. So when a Woolworths store closed and a Superdrug opened in its place, you would not call that simply a fascia change, would you?


    2. The B&M store went through a full closing down process including a closing down sale, and then it was gutted with the sales floor made smaller – The staff were moved to other stores for a month, before the store reopened as Heron. So yes, it closed down and reopened again.


  2. […] on 1926, on part of the site of the former Shakespeare Hotel that was built in 1711. Similar to Store 208 Widnes, this store had the vintage F.W. Woolworth fascia on as late as the 1990s. It is rare you get to […]


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