West Ealing Woolworths – Store 239

96 – 100 The Broadway, West Ealing, London W13 0TD

Woolworths opened in West Ealing in 1926. It was originally at 77 – 83 Broadway and was huge! An early superstore from the looks of it, and very modern from the glass windows on the first floor. The window displays look lovely, as do the curtain pelmets.

West Ealing Woolworths 1930s
West Ealing Woolworths 1930s

Some years later the store moved across the road to numbers 96 -100 in a purpose-built store with a grand Art Deco facade.

West Ealing Woolworths 1960s
West Ealing Woolworths 1960s

As you can see, it was a large building, with the left unit let out to another shop. It was next to British Home Stores and opposite Boots.

In the 1990s, this was my husband’s local store as he lived around the corner. He remembers, “I bought my first album from this store. It was Vanilla Ice – To The Extreme. I still have the CD. It was exciting buying my first CD. In those days you had to take the fake album case to the counter to exchange it for the actual CD. I also bought Snow – Informer from there on cassette single.”

West Ealing Woolworths 2000s
West Ealing Woolworths 2000s

In the late 1990s, my husband worked at the Greenford store, but he was sometimes sent to other stores in the district to sort out stockrooms and cover assistant managers. He was sent to West Ealing a couple of times. He remembers the store was L-shaped and the stockroom was upstairs with a lift. It was L-shaped because the right side which was Superdrug used to be part of Woolworths. So the store opened up behind Superdrug. The stock yard was shared with them too.

Mark Ward worked in West Ealing Woolworths three times – once on a refurb into a Heartland store in 1997, then as a Team leader for a year in 2000, and finally to help with its transformation to a 10/10 store around 2005. He says the store was much wider originally before half was given up to Superdrug. It had a front and rear entrance though at some point due to high theft levels the rear entrance was closed and turned into a garden centre instead! It was also the base for the area manager and area secretary for many years.

West Ealing Woolworths 2009
West Ealing Woolworths 2009

My personal memory of West Ealing Woolworths is buying my toy penguin from here. It was 2005/6 and we were in the Sainsbury’s opposite buying Tim Tam chocolates. You could see Woolworths from the alleyway out of Sainsbury’s. I saw the Madagascar penguins through the window of Woolworths, as they were on a front end with the DVD. I HAD to have that penguin, so we went in and bought it. I named him Henry the Penguin and he has been in many of my photos around the UK, and even a book!

West Ealing Woolworths lasted until the end, closing in December 2008. It became a Poundworld, but the future of the building is now a question mark.

West Ealing Former Woolworths - Poundworld
West Ealing Former Woolworths – Poundworld

This side of the road is to be turned into apartments and the old BHS next door has already been demolished. There was a petition in 2018 to save the Woolworths Art Deco facade. At the moment there is scaffolding around the building to protect the facade while the building behind is demolished. Whether they save the facade or not is still to be seen. Fingers crossed they do.

As for the original store at numbers 77 – 83 Broadway… it still exists!

West Ealing Former Woolworths
West Ealing Former Woolworths



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  1. Vardhman Kothari says:

    I was warked In 2007 in woolworth I miss my team miss u Umesh Patel was manager


  2. Ryan says:

    I did my first Work experience here in summer 2005 😁


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