Windsor Woolworths – Store 295

17/18 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1DX

Woolworths opened in Windsor quite soon after Slough, in 1927 – the difference being that this was the Queen’s local Woolies:

“Her Majesty once told The Daily Mail that she had done her Christmas shopping at Woolworths. She was spotted occasionally in the large store in Peascod Street, just a short walk from Windsor Castle.” [Extract from Woolworths Museum]

Below is a picture from 1968 – Woolworths is on the right hand side, next to Bata shoes.

Windsor Woolworths 1968

Windsor Woolworths 1968

Source: thamesweb

Windsor Woolworths 1968

Windsor Woolworths 1968

Close up of Woolworths above, with ‘Sale’ sign on the door advertising ‘Stacker tumblers 5d each’ and ‘Brobat’ reduced to 1/-. Where the 60s ladies is walking is exactly where the man is standing in the Boots photo (see at the end of this post).

Windsor Woolworths 2008

Windsor Woolworths 2008

Source: Flickr

Above is the store in August 2008, still trading, before it finally closed in December that year.

Today it is a deceptively large Boots, with perfumes along the narrow front section of the store, leading on to a huge floorspace at the back. I read on a forum that back in the 60s when this was Woolworths, shoppers liked to go to this part of store to escape the fumes from the buses. Apparently M&S and Woolies were best for escaping the pollution. Good thing it’s all pedestrianised now.

Also I like how Boots have kept the little flagpost that used to hold the Woolworths Cafe sign.

Windsor Boots 2014

Windsor Former Woolworths (Boots 2014)


This post was originally written in 2014.

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