Handsworth – Store 299

210 – 214 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9LU

The first Woolworths store to open in the year of 1928 was in Handsworth, Birmingham. It opened on Soho Road (It’s the middle terraced building in this photo. Burton is on the far right in an Art Deco style building.)

Handsworth Woolworth 1930s

Handsworth Woolworth 1930s

Source: Photographs of Birmingham

The store was extended later on, to take on more of that terrace. Sadly this building was hit in 1942 during WW2.

Handsworth Woolworth 1940s

Handsworth Woolworth 1940s

Source: Handsworth History

Woolworths rebuilt the store and reopened on 14th October 1955 – this photo was taken shortly after this date. It was the first Woolworths store to have the curtain walling style. On the right side you can see a space for another shop.

Handsworth Woolworths 1955

Handsworth Woolworths 1955

Below you can see a shop has moved in next to Woolworths.

Handsworth Woolworth 1950s

Handsworth Woolworth 1950s

Source: Birmingham Images

In the 1970s Curtess shoe shop is next door, and in this close-up of Woolworths you can see the mosaic floor tiles at the doors.

Handsworth Woolworth 1970s

Handsworth Woolworth 1970s

Source: Facebook

The store closed before 1995 as it is not on that store list. It became Brubakers according to locals. Today it is Iceland, and it looks like the Woolworths curtain walling has been painted a lovely shade of cream.

Handsworth Former Woolworths

Handsworth Former Woolworths


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  1. Richard Northover | Reply

    Hi Sabrina , Handsworth closed 31/1/84 no doubt another Kingfisher casualty when every store had its price !! It does seem to be a fairly good sized store which should have been kept when you consider the Bull Ring / New Street stores which closed 2 years later would have been
    considered to have greater value.

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