Poplar Woolworths – Store 302

7-11 Chrisp Street, Poplar, London E14

Woolworths opened in Poplar, East London, in 1928. It was on Chrisp Street in a small purpose-built store. It had an unusual shopfront with square windows. By 1939 the store had been extended to the right.

Poplar Woolworths 1936

Poplar Woolworths 1939

The area was bombed heaving in WW2 as it was close to London’s docks. The shopfront survived but the upper floor must have been damaged and dismantled for safety. (Source: K. Morrison – Woolworth’s 100 Years on the High Street)

Poplar Woolworths 1958

Poplar Woolworths 1954

10 Vesey Path, Poplar, London E14

In the 1950s Woolworths moved to Vesey Path which was built parallel to Chrisp Street. It was in the Lansbury Estate that formed part of the ‘Live Architecture Exhibition’, built as part of the Festival of Britain 1951.

These photos have been supplied by Tony Cue. They were taken in 2006 when the store reopened after a 5/5 refit.

Poplar Woolworths 2006

Poplar Woolworths 2006

Poplar-Woolworths-2006-inside-2 Poplar-Woolworths-2006-inside-3Poplar-Woolworths-2006-insidePoplar-Woolworths-2006-inside-4

Poplar Woolworths 2008

Poplar Woolworths 2008

The store closed in December 2008 and it became an Iceland.

Poplar Former Woolworths

Poplar Former Woolworths


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