Rhyl – Store 308

29 High St, Rhyl LL18 1EN

On 10th March 1928 Woolworths opened in the seaside town of Rhyl in North Wales. It was on the High Street, a small single-storey store. They extended on 23rd May 1931. Below is a photo of the store in 1953, when there were Coronation celebrations for the Queen. Interesting that the store had a very large Woolworth fascia above the first floor.

Rhyl Woolworths 1953

Rhyl Woolworths 1953

Source: Rhyl Life

Woolworths moved from here a few years later. The building still exists today and it is a Shoe Zone Factory Outlet store.

Rhyl Former Woolworths

Rhyl Former Woolworths

1-4 East Parade, Rhyl, Flintshre LL18 3AD

In 1956, Woolworths built much larger, prominent seafront premises on the site of the Royal Cafe, which they demolished. You couldn’t really miss it – the store was huge, with a modern restaurant. They moved in there on 29th June 1956, becoming the department store destination of Rhyl. (It’s on the far right in the below photo)

Rhyl Woolworths 1960s

Rhyl Woolworths 1960s

Source: 100thbirthday.co.uk

On 17th May 1974, the store was modernised and converted to self service.

Rhyl Woolworths 1970s

Rhyl Woolworths 1970s

Source: 100thbirthday.co.uk


In 1987 it was refurbished to become a comparison store (without the restaurant), re-opening on 3rd April.

In the 2000s, the store became a 10/10 store, which you can see in the below photo. Although it looks closed in the below photo, Woolworths had in fact covered the windows in blue, presumably so they could put shelving up against the windows inside – but not looking so nice from the outside. It was a smaller store now, as the top floors were now occupied by Gala Bingo.

Rhyl Woolworths 2006

Rhyl Woolworths 2006

Source: The Roberts Organisation, Flickr

Today B&M Bargains operates from this premises. But up until 2011 there was still a little something that gave away it’s history…

B&M Bargains, Rhyl 2010

B&M Bargains, Rhyl 2010

Source: Alex Liivet, Flickr

If you enjoyed this, I also found the history of Rhyl Marks and Spencer online (now Poundland). Written by Rhyl History Club, it’s quite fascinating – read about it here.

This post was originally written in 2014.


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  2. I lived in Rhyl in the early 1980s and this brought back a lot of memories.
    Thanks for posting.

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