St Albans Woolworths – Store 311

33 – 39 St Peters Street, St Albans, Herts

Woolworths opened in St Albans in 1928. It was in an existing building, which you can see below – the small store in the centre with the canopies and two 1930s cars in front of it.

St Albans Woolworths 1933

St Albans Woolworths 1933

Source: Pinterest

In the 1970s, the market was held in front  of the shops, look at this photo and that pram.

St Albans Woolworths 1972

St Albans Woolworths 1972

Source: Historic England 

The store lasted until the end, and here you can see the store had been extended to the right in the past.

St Albans Woolworths 2008

St Albans Woolworths 2008

Today Tesco Metro is in its place.

St Albans Former Woolworths

St Albans Former Woolworths

Source: Capper I.

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