Bow – Store 314

572 – 574 Roman Street, Bow, London E3 5ES

Woolworths opened in Bow, East London, in 1928. It was on Roman Road in a purpose-built single-storey buidling. You’ll be familiar with the architecture by now, with the centred pediment.

Bow Woolworths 1930s

Bow Woolworths 1930s

The building remained unchanged over the years if you look at the upper floor. But the frontage was updated, probably in the 1990s when Woolworths ‘Local’ stores were introduced.

Bow Woolworths 2008

Bow Woolworths 2008

Source: Diamond Geezer

Former employee Tony Cue has a random fact about Bow Woolworths – part of The Bill Series 1 Episode 3 “Clutching at Straws” was filmed from the roof of the store and the side for the streets scenes.

The store closed in January 2009 and it became an Iceland. But look up and you’ll see some Woolworths architecture.

Bow Former Woolworths

Bow Former Woolworths

Source: Ballysundriven

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