Skegness – Store 330

55 – 59 Lumley Road, Skegness, Lincs PE25 3LT 

Woolworths opened their 330th store in the seaside town on Skegness. It doesn’t look like a purpose built store, as the windows on the upper floor look older. Here is a staff photo from 1938.

Skegness Woolworths 1938

Skegness Woolworths 1938

Source: Facebook

Sadly I can’t find any more photos of the store through the years, but it did last right up until the end. Here it is in a Google Street View screenshot from 2008. We can see a window poster saying 3 for 2 on All Clothing. Marks and Spencers was next door, but that is now Poundland.

Skegness Woolworths 2008

Skegness Woolworths 2008

Here are some videos from the closing days.

Today the Yorkshire Trading Company trades from the old Woolworths unit.

Skegness Former Woolworths

Skegness Former Woolworths

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