Tipperary – Store 337

There have been two Store 337 Woolworths stores. The first was on Commercial Road in East London (E1) that opened in 1928. I can’t find any photos of it though. Sadly the store was destroyed by bombing in World War 2 and never rebuilt – presumably because it was too close to the Whitechapel branch of Woolworths. The number store 337 was later given to Tipperary in Ireland, which opened in 1954.

5 – 6 Main Street, Tipperary, Ireland

Woolworths opened in Tipperary in the Republic of Ireland in 1954 on Main Street. They traded here until 1978. That year it was reported that significant structural repairs were required to the store, and the company opted to close the branch rather than invest in the building. Woolworths did have 3 stores in the area until the 1970s (Tipperary Town, Clonmel and Thurles).

The store manager of Tipperary Woolworths was offered a transfer to England but instead with a local investor bought the building and opened a store called “Wellworths”  that is still trading 41 years later. (With thanks to Stephen Nolan for sending me that information)

Tipperary Former Woolworths

Tipperary Former Woolworths


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  1. […] further building alterations in 1939. The building was severely damaged in WW2, but whereas nearby store 337 was abandoned, this one was repaired between 1948 – 1951. In 1955 the frontage was reinstated […]


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