Newcastle, Clayton Street – Store 340

73 – 79 Clayton Street, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE1 5PR

Woolworths opened their second Newcastle-upon-Tyne store on Clayton Street in 1928. The first store was in Northumberland Street – Store 27. Presumably it was a small store to start off with, but had a 1960s makeover and ended up looking like this.

Newcastle Clayton Street 1961

Newcastle Clayton Street 1961

In this photo you can make out what’s written on the window signs – Fresh daily: Lamb, Beef, Pork.

Newcastle Clayton Street 1963

Newcastle Clayton Street 1963

Source: Chronicle Live

There have been many mentions of the basement being very spooky. Dee Hunter says colleagues didn’t like going down there alone. Martyn Hume adds trying to push a cage up the ramp was a work out too. Lois Greason remembers the meat room being worse, that’s where the old butcher had died. And getting stuck in the lift for ages – nobody could hear your screams. Anthony Songhurst agrees about the lift – he says they were a nightmare, especially the basement one.

Jacky Humes reminisces, “I started in 1979 at 340 Newcastle in the stock control office. I was given a green biro and was told I had to re-sticker all the prices in the binders as VAT had gone up from 8% to 15% – it took ages needless to say.”

Newcastle Clayton Street 2008

Newcastle Clayton Street 2008

This Woolworths lasted until the end, closing in December 2008. Poundworld took over the building, trading as Discount UK, Bargain Buys and finally Poundland Plus. But they went bust recently and the unit is empty again.

Newcastle Clayton Street 2008

Newcastle Clayton Street 2008

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