Littlehampton Woolworths – Store 347

19 – 21 Surrey Street, Littlehampton, Sussex

Woolworths opened in Littlehampton in 1928 on Surrey Street. It was a small single-storey store –  see it pictured below on the right side.

Littlehampton Woolworths c1950s

Littlehampton Woolworths c1950s

Source: Pubs History

In more recent years it had a makeover to become a Woolworths Local, and the frontage changed so that the entrance doors were to one side. The windows were covered up as the back of the till area faced the windows.

Littlehampton Woolworths 2008

Littlehampton Woolworths 2008

This is a photo of the store after closure.

Littlehampton Woolworths after closure

Littlehampton Woolworths after closure

It became an Iceland, and although the ground floor front has changed, look up and you’ll see the original Woolworths architecture.

Littlehampton Former Woolworths

Littlehampton Former Woolworths

Source: Ballysundriven

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