Islington Woolworths – Store 353

40 – 42 Chapel Market, Islington, London N1 9EN

“In 1929 F. W. Woolworth & Co. Ltd built one of its characteristic neo-Georgian stores at Nos 40 – 42 Chapel Market, a large L-shaped building with a second frontage at 20 – 29 Liverpool Road.” [Extract from British History Online continued below]

This standard Woolworths style applied to stores that were two storeys high and five bays wide, built with red brick and pale grey concrete/reconstituted stone dressings. The three central bays broke forward very slightly, and the central trio of windows were framed by pilasters with moulded caps. These supported a cornice with paired modillions that carried a shallow, pedimented parapet. At first the Islington store had the upper half of the pilasters made of concrete and the lower half clad in thin pearl granite slabs. (Woolworth’s 100 years on the High Street – Morrison K.) In the 1990s these pilasters were covered in the cream tiles we all recognise today.

Islington Woolworths Front 2008

Islington Woolworths Front 2008

“In 1991–3 the Liverpool Road arm was rebuilt to the south, at No. 17, making room for an extension to Sainsbury’s on the corner of Tolpuddle Street. The new Woolworths block, designed by Watts & Partners for Chartwell Land, had a plain front, the upper parts in darkish brick. No. 15, a single shop unit on the site of two shop—houses, was also part of this redevelopment. Variety in the street frontage was maintained through the use there of paler, pinker bricks in a sober unornamented neo-Georgian manner.” (British History Online)

Islington Woolworths 2008

Islington Woolworths 2008

Sadly Islington Woolworths (or Angel Woolworths as I used to call it), was one of the four London stores that were closed down in the summer of 2008 – Chiswick, Clapham, Edgware Road and Islington. They were sold to Waitrose, but it still wasn’t enough to save the company.

Islington Former Woolworths

Islington Former Woolworths

If you go to Chapel Street, the original Woolworths architecture is still there on the upper floor.

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