Lambeth – Store 354

112-113 Lower Marsh, Lambeth, London SE1 7AF

Woolworths opened in Lambeth in 1929 – this was on Lower Marsh just behind London Waterloo station. It was a small two-storey building, purpose-built with the familiar Woolworths architecture.

Lambeth Woolworths 1956

Lambeth Woolworths 1956

Source: Lambeth Photo Archives

Lambeth Woolworths 1968

Lambeth Woolworths 1968

There isn’t much information about the store online, but I can imagine it was a busy and bustling one, being in such a central London position, by a main railway station. Although it was very close to Elephant & Castle and Walworth branches. The store closed in June 1986, as part of the Kingfisher closures, when they closed stores that were too close to other branches. Sorry,  I feel I’ve used the word ‘close’ too many times in this paragraph!

It became an Iceland store, and they kept the Woolworths architecture.

Lambeth Former Woolworths 1990s

Lambeth Former Woolworths 1990s

In 2013, the upstairs (which is private apartments), was extended upwards. What is nice to see is that the developers kept the style of the Woolworths architecture, even the central pediment at the top.

Lambeth Former Woolworths

Lambeth Former Woolworths


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