Newmarket Woolworths – Store 357

Rutland House, 42 High Street, Newmarket, Suffolk

Woolworths opened in Newmarket in 1929, at 42 High Street in a building called Rutland House. It used to be a doctor’s – Dr E. Crompton – according to the Newmarket Street Directory.

Newmarket Woolworths 1930s

Newmarket Woolworths 1930s

The upper floors were rebuilt in 1991 – the reason why is unknown. Perhaps it was beyond repair at it was quite an old building, dating from 1768 when it was the White Horse pub.

Newmarket Woolworths 2007

Newmarket Woolworths 2007

Source: Flickr

The store lasted until the end, closing after the chain went bust in December 2008.

Newmarket Woolworths 2008

Newmarket Woolworths 2008

Source: Newmarket Local History Society

It became a QD store.

Newmarket Former Woolworths

Newmarket Former Woolworths




2 responses

  1. Richard Northover | Reply

    Hi Sabrina , omg its 41 years since i started as trainee manager in this store after leaving school
    And 3 years as a saturday boy in Bury St Edmunds which was my Dad’s store.
    I was 2 months short of my eighteenth birthday,the manager was a nice guy called Derek Clare
    Who i worked with for my first year as a trainee who taught me a great deal in addition to the
    Knowledge i had learnt from my dad.A very busy store especially during the race meetings at the home of hores flat racing.Great memories…..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Richard, that is amazing! I love hearing about your memories of Woolies 🙂


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