Falkirk – Store 365

71-73 High Street, Howgate Centre, Falkirk FK1 1EQ

Woolworths opened in Falkirk, Scotland, in 1929. Originally it was a straight store with a back entrance (photographed below).

Source: Facebook

When the Howgate Shopping Centre opened, the store was enlarged and became L-shaped, with another entrance into the shopping centre.

Falkirk Woolworths 2008

Falkirk Woolworths 2008

Marianne Ellis remembers going there in 1985 for an interview to rejoin after being made redundant from 124 Dunfermline. After being interviewed by Linda Wallace and Liz Hamilton, she started as Assistant Manager on 02/09/1985 and her career carried on from there. Steve Lloyd was her manager at Falkirk.

Another former employee remembers Christmas parties at Adrian’s Bowling Club. And some stories that cannot be repeated apparently!

Debbie Dryburgh started in 365 as a Saturday girl on entertainment. Then when she finished university, she got accepted on to the fast track scheme. She stayed with Woolies (after a stint in many different stores) until she ended up manager in Bathgate store for closure. She says, “Some of my best memories of work come from Falkirk. Loved it there….. Xmas nights out…. When we all went to the bowling club with our drinks tickets…. Trying to score extra tickets from the boss David Richards for more drinks😉😂
That store is now a Wilko with some Woolies characters still there holding the building up… and they’ll have some stories”

Falkirk Woolworths 2008

Falkirk Woolworths 2008

Falkirk Woolworths closed in December 2008, and in 2011 it became a Wilko.

Falkirk Former Woolworths

Falkirk Former Woolworths

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