Southall – Store 375

65-67 The Broadway, Uxbridge Road, Southall, Middlesex UB1 1LB

Woolworths opened in Southall in 1929. It was a small two-storey purpose-built store on the Broadway (Uxbridge Road) with the classic architecture that you will probably recognise by now.

Southall Woolworths 1930s

Southall Woolworths 1930s

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In the late 1960s, Janet Brown worked at this store. She remembers wages being done in store, paid weekly in cash, with the payslip put in little brown envelopes. She has happy memories of working there.

I actually remember Southall Woolworths from my childhood, it saved me from the boredom of being dragged around Asian shops by my parents – spice shops, clothes shops, jewellery shops, fabric shops – all too boring for a 7-year-old. But in Woolworths my brother and I would want to stay in there forever, going up and down the toy aisle. It was a larger store in the 1980s – you can see in the photo below from the upper floor architecture that it was extended to the left, I would guess this was done in the 1930s-40s. Any later then they would have changed the look of the upper floor. My ‘My Little Pony’ stable was from this branch – I still have it today. When they halved the store, I think in the early ’90s, I was so upset!

Southall Woolworths 2008

Southall Woolworths 2008

The store closed in December 2008 and became a 99p store. When Poundland bought them out, they closed this branch down as there was already another Poundland in Southall. Now it is the ‘Himalaya Shopping Mall’, but look up and you’ll still see the original Woolworths architecture.

Southall Former Woolworths

Southall Former Woolworths


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