Nantwich Woolworths – Store 383

10 Swine Market, Nantwich, Cheshire CW5 5LW

Woolworths opened in Nantwich in 1930 – you can see it in the below photo on the right side.

Nantwich Woolworths 1955

Nantwich Woolworths 1955

In the 1960s the area was redeveloped and a larger Woolworths opened. Note the oversized letters.

Nantwich Woolworths 1970s

Nantwich Woolworths 1970

The store lasted until the end, closing in December 2008.

Nantwich Woolworths 2008

Nantwich Woolworths 2008

It soon became a B&M, which it still is today.

Nantwich Former Woolworths

Nantwich Former Woolworths

And look closer, and you’ll see the original 1960s Woolworths doors still in use.

Nantwich Former Woolworths Doors

Nantwich Former Woolworths Doors

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