Hertford Woolworths – Store 590

16-18 Maidenhead Street, Hertford, Hertfordshire SG14 1DR

Woolworths opened in Hertford in 1934, on the site of former pub The Maidenhead Inn, which had been there since the 1600s. Woolworths built their store here in neo-georgian in style but with casement windows rather than sash. You can see the upper floor looks different from the usual Woolworths store.

Hertford Woolworths 2000

Source: Heritage Calling

Hertford store was quite a special one as its original features survived until the last days – the bronze-framed pre-war shopfronts, with its curved glass. Store 141 Ilkeston was another store where the original features survived.

Hertford Woolworths

Source: Flickr

Hertford Woolworths 2008

Source: Flickr

There store closed on 27th December 2008. Today a Pound Stretcher can be found in its place and the iconic glass corners and bronze-framed pre-war shopfront of the Woolies can still be seen. [Hertfordshire’s Lost Woolworths Stores]

Hertford Former Woolworths

Source: Discover Hertford

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