Newquay Woolworths – Store 730

24-30 Bank Street, Newquay, Cornwall TR7 1AE

Woolworths opened in the Cornish seaside town of Newquay in 1938. It was a purpose-built store, built on the site of the former St. Michael’s Chapel of Ease. The store had a Georgian style facade which seems to have been the preferred architectural style in 1938.

The photo shows it just before it was pulled down to create a bigger store in the 1960s.

Newquay Woolworths rebuild
Newquay Woolworths rebuild

Source: Martin, T.

We have some memories from former colleagues here:

Emma Wright says, “730 was my store! First summer job I had when I was at school, and then I rose up to be assistant manager. The best job ever – I met my husband there, my best friends worked there and we had a ball! Sundays after work were spent on the beach having BBQs and playing football. Best years.” Emma has kindly sent in this photo.

Audrey Curtis tells us, “730 was my store Ents Specialist, was there for over 17 years till it closed.
So many stories, some which can’t be shared 🤫😂 and I famously got stuck in the lift on a Saturday in August and had to be rescued by the fire brigade 😂”

And Paul Harris adds, “I was at 730 for the last 8 years until it closed with Emma and Audrey. Loved working here, met so many amazing people and made friends for life!”

It sounds like it was a fun and friendly store! Here’s a video the team made on the last day on 30th December 2008 – you get to see inside the store too.

I took this photo when I was on holiday in Newquay in 2009.

Today there is a Poundland in the former Woolworths unit.

Newquay Former Woolworths

Source: Ballysundriven


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  1. bernard says:

    1 was manager from 1973 to 1978 then got moved to 456 Neath, but have some lovely of good times in Newquay, dinner dances at hotel Bristol and fashion shows. must like the place i retired here Wonder staff made my job a lot easier Bernard j Skeet now know as Bernie no not the bolt to old for that good luck to all ex wollies staff every where

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