Petts Wood Woolworths – Store 736

15 Chatsworth Parade, Petts Wood, Kent BR5 1DF

Woolworths opened in Petts Wood in 1938, as part of a parade of shops. You can see the store on the left in this fantastic photo from the past.

Petts Wood Woolworths 1938
Petts Wood Woolworths 1940s

Source: The Orpington History Organisation

Woolworths traded from this location for 70 years.

Petts Wood Woolworths 2007


It closed when the chain went bust in 2008.

Petts Wood Woolworths 2008
Petts Wood Woolworths 2008

Source: Harris, S.

In 2010 the Woolworths store was actually demolished except for the front facade. Two brand new units were created and they are now Oakley Fitness and Oakley Coffee.

Petts Wood Former Woolworths
Petts Wood Former Woolworths

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