Colindale Woolworths – Store 750

10 Varley Parade, The Hyde, Colindale, London NW9 6RR

Woolworths opened on Varley Parade in Colindale in 1939. It was the third branch in the area, the others were Store 422 and Storee 430. This store was purpose-built as part of a parade of shops, with quite an eye-catching design.

Hendon Varley Parade Woolworths 1939
Colindale (Hendon, The Hyde) Woolworths 1939

Source: Historic England

After 50 years of trading here, this branch closed in January 1989. Today you will find a Wetherspoons pub in the former Woolworths unit.

Hendon Varley Parade Former Woolworths
Colindale (Hendon, The Hyde) Former Woolworths


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  1. Claire says:

    This address is incorrect. This is Colindale and not Hendon (though West Hendon is very close).

    The port holes at the top are the loft area of the now pub. There is also a below ground cellar that nowadays is rented out to the music shop next door and used as practice rooms for music lessons.

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    1. sabrina says:

      This is the address on the store list – you need to tell Woolworths their address is incorrect… oh wait they’ve gone 🤣 Thank you though, I will update 🙂


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