Rothesay Woolworths – Store 755

85-99 Montague Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute PA20 0HP

Woolworths opened in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, Scotland, in 1939.

Rothesay Woolworths 1953
Rothesay Woolworths 1953

Source: Pinterest

It was a purpose-built store with the recognisable Woolworths architecture – red-brick, 5 bays, central pediment.

Rothesay Woolworths 2008
Rothesay Woolworths 2000s

Source: Facebook

It lasted until the end when the chain went bust in December 2008, trading from this location for just under 70 years.

The Original Factory Store opened here, with a ghost Woolworths sign visible on the side.

Rothesay Former Woolworths
Rothesay Former Woolworths

Source: Soult, G.

Rothesay Woolworths Ghost Sign
Rothesay Woolworths Ghost Sign

Source: Common, J.


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