Porthcawl Woolworths – Store 767

1a John Street, Porthcawl, Mid Glamorgan CF36 3AR

Woolworths opened in Porthcawl in 1940. It was a purpose built store with an Art Deco facade.

Porthcawl Woolworths 1960

Source: Porthcawl Museum

The store was updated in what looks like the 1960s. Note the blue fascia and large Woolworth in yellow letters – perhaps this was a trial look.

Porthcawl Woolworths

Source: Twitter

Porthcawl Woolworths

Source: Wales Online

After the store closed in December 2008, it became a B&M.

Porthcawl Former Woolworths

Source: Jaggery


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  1. James Murdoch says:

    The orange car is a Morris Marina which was not launched until 1971. I think the sixties photo may have been badly colourised so I’m not convinced about the blue fascia. Look at the poor colouring on the Commer van and the fascia on the shop behind the Marina looks like yellow lettering on a yellow fascia.

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  2. Robert Clark says:

    Looking at the reflections in the open windows, above the fascia, I think the colouring on the fascia is accurate. Look also inside, the colour of the weighing machine looks to be the correct colour, for those that were in Woolworths.

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