Liverpool (Allerton Road) Woolworths – Store 777

5 Allerton Road, Liverpool, Merseyside L18 1LH

Woolworths opened their 6th Liverpool store in 1952 on Allerton Road. You can see the building has been extended over the years in these photos.

Liverpool Allerton Road Woolworths 1960s

Source: FB Liverpool in black n white

Liverpool Allerton Road Woolworths staff 1953

Source: FB Woolworths History and Photos

Liverpool Allerton Road Woolworths 1963

Source: FB Liverpool in black n white

In the 1970s the store was modernised further.

Liverpool Allerton Road Woolworths 1979

Source: FB Old Photographs of Liverpool

Liverpool Allerton Road Woolworths 1984

Source: Lockhart, P.

This Woolworths lasted until the end, closing when the chain went bust in December 2008.

Liverpool Allerton Road Woolworths 2008

Source: Unwin, C.

Today you can have a coffee in the old building as it’s now a Costa and a Tesco Express.

Liverpool Allerton Road Former Woolworths

Source: Holland, G.


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  1. Brilliant…….One day in around a hundred years from now, this site will be looked upon as a historical gem.

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