Broadstairs Woolworths – Store 780

27 High Street, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2DG

Woolworths opened in Broadstairs, Kent, in 1952. It was originally on Albion Street. This photo appears to be from the opening day.

Broadstairs Woolworths 1952

Source: Woolworths Museum

“Harold Winbourne, the company architect… ‘tweaked’ the strict brand guidelines in a number of locations to get consent quickly. For example if local councillors did not like the style of lettering on the standard fascia, he proposed an alternative. Shoppers recognised Kent’s Broadstairs ‘Woolworth’ just as readily as the ‘F. W. W. & Co. Ltd.’ in Newhaven, Sussex.

Three years after first opening the Broadstairs branch had proved so popular that the council happily approved a scheme for a much larger replacement on the other side of the street, with no changes to the firm’s standard look. It opened on 16 June 1955.” [Extract from Woolworths Museum]

Lots of memories from Broadstairs Woolworths in the comments here. This store traded until the end, closing in January 2009.

Broadstairs Woolworths 2008

Source: Broadstairs History

Today there is an Iceland store here.

Broadstairs Former Woolworths

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