Farnborough Woolworths – Store 781

61 Queensmead, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7RN

Woolworths opened in Farnborough in 1952, when a new shopping centre was built in town.

Farnborough Woolworths

Source: Norris, B.

Here’s a bit of background to the development: “The 1950s saw increasing population in Cove and to the north of the town, and it was decided to build a new shopping centre, Queensmead. This was named after an old house which previously
stood on the site, as was the second phase, Kingsmead, a covered shopping facility..”

Farnborough Woolworths

Source: Francis Frith

There’s not much info on the store that I can find, all I have read is that Farnborough town centre has no soul. Without visiting, I couldn’t comment on whether that is true. Woolworths traded here until January 2009, and today you will find a Poundland in the old building,

Farnborough Former Woolworths

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  1. Thanks for another great piece!

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  2. Reece says:

    As a bus driver in the area I would say Farnborough very much has a soul! Poundland has now gone moving to the former 99p stores site it stood empty for a while now a very popular Poundstrecher still with it original doors.

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    1. sabrina says:

      Glad to hear!


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