Thorne Woolworths – Store 786

2 King Street, Thorne, South Yorkshire DN8 5BA

Woolworths opened in the market town in Thorne in Yorkshire in 1952. It took over an old shop, and modernised the building in the 60s to look like it does in the below photograph.

Thorne Woolworths 1962


They traded here for 56 years, closing in January 2009.

Thorne Woolworths 2008

Source: loose_grip_99

Today there is a carpet shop in the building.

Thorne Former Woolworths



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  1. ian cole says:

    Lived near here in Hatfield while working in 1117 Doncaster, as I remember there was a snooker hall very close to the store which was convenient, happy days even if the working day was long..

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